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At MaiBecca, we specialize in capturing elegance, transforming your dream wedding dress into a tangible reality.

As your trusted bridal expert, we deeply understand the significance of a wedding dress that truly reflects your personality.

MaiBecca unravels the individual stories of each bride on their special day, allowing the wedding dress to eloquently speak on their behalf.

The birth of MaiBecca stemmed from our founder's personal journey in bringing her own dream dress to life. Infusing elements that defined her unique character, she crafted a masterpiece that authentically represented her essence. This experience ignited a realization of the profound need for brides to have wedding dresses that embody their personality. Today, after serving over 100 brides, we continue to bring dream dresses to life.

Your dream dress could be the next enchanting creation we manifest.

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Founder / Lead Designer

Introducing Tope Okodugha, a certified bridal designer who refined her skills at the prestigious London College of Fashion. With a wealth of knowledge in bridal design techniques, Tope is committed to crafting remarkable and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Tope's passion for design was ignited at a young age. From creating costumes during her school days, she has blossomed into a highly skilled fashion designer, specializing in creating exquisite bridal dresses.

Prior to establishing MaiBecca in 2016, Tope held the role of Style Connoisseur at the renowned African fabric manufacturer, Vlisco. She later collaborated with Woodin, Vlisco's sister company, where she led the design team for the ICM Catwalk Runway Show in 2017. Notably, in 2020, she curated The BRIDE BY MAIBECCA, an independent bridal show that featured a captivating display of diverse wedding dresses on the runway.

Tope deeply understands the importance of women embracing their true selves and believes that a bride's personality should radiate through her bridal attire. At MaiBecca, she transforms this vision into reality through her exceptional designs and unwavering dedication.


Wedding Dresses

Our exclusive, meticulously-crafted wedding dresses - MaiBecca puts in a personal touch for each unique bride.


Evening Dresses

Classy, Dramatic, Sultry or Simple? Go wild with your imagination, and we'll turn it into a masterpiece. MaiBecca gives you the perfect look for your grand entrance.


Civil Wedding Dresses

Who says you cant take elegance to the Registry? MaiBecca gives you the classiest looks for you legal wedding.

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